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Keep your marketing efforts fresh with promotional designs that attract customers to your business.



Every good brand stands out and takes customers on a journey. Just starting out or want a refresh? Let us help you create your visual identity - the cherry on top of all your efforts.



Let's work together to identify what your company needs to take you to the next level.



Kayla Pearcey

Hey, hey, hey! My name is Kayla + I’m the creator of Designs by Kay. I live + breathe design, art and fashion. I’m a stationary nerd. I get way too excited over print products. I do my best work in a coffee shop. I’m restless in my desire to create and often get waaaaay too excited over the work I’m doing. Overall—I’m just damn passionate about the work I put into the world.

~ b a c k g r o u n d

I have a degree in marketing and business with hands-on experience in branding + design. Throughout my career, design has been the only constant; my North Star. I brought Designs by Kay to life for the sole purpose of creating beyond my current scope of work. I have a genuine interest in connecting with others through branding and storytelling. The most beautiful thing about visuals is that they can connect us while also challenging us through various lenses of perception.

~ a p p r o a c h

My creative approach—Working collaboratively to take a vision from concept to reality. Your vision should very much be a part of the process, your brand should feel like an extension of yourself.